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Newborn: Selma

(NOTE: For our first true session-related blog post, I just want to remind any of our readers that we are constantly in the process of learning. We’re going to try to be open and honest here about what we can do better next time and what each session has taught us, as well as showcasing our awesome clients who have trusted us with taking their portraits! We truly welcome your feedback.)

We recently had the opportunity to take photos of Tessa and Adam’s newborn baby girl, Selma. Our very first practice newborn session was Marek back in August, so we were up for the challenge again and these new parents were gracious enough to let us try some photos.

Unfortunately, we were crunched for time as it was a slightly impromptu idea — we wanted to use natural daylight and also fit it in before she was more than 2 weeks old! We decided to try the newborn session during our lunch hour…which any newborn photographer will probably tell you is a really, really bad idea. Rushing a newborn goes against nature….we knew this, but we were so antsy to get these photos done we didn’t want to waste those precious new newborn days.

We arrived and got set up (we brought with us an array of scarves to wrap her with, headbands, and soft and fuzzy blankets). We set her up and started snapping some photos and realized how alert Selma was! She gave us – and our cameras – a lot of quizzical faces, like this:

Although she was nice and full, the room was cozy and so were the blankets, she sure didn’t want to sleep.  We went ahead snapping photos and didn’t think that her wakefulness would really be a problem, because it wasn’t. We enjoyed gawking at her sweet little features:

I do believe now that we were both so happy to be around a newborn that we weren’t really thinking of the big picture. Selma was happy and content and alert.  Selma never did fall asleep for us during our first lunch-hour session, so we decided we should come back a second day. After looking at the shots we got,  we both realized how surprising it was that she was literally looking right into our lens!

She even lifted up her head to turn at look at Christine’s camera!

As a result of her being so wakeful, she also didn’t really let her arms relax — this is something we failed to recognize when looking through our lens.

Our day two tactic was to get Selma to sleep.

We draped our white blanket over new mom Tessa, so she could rock her baby to sleep, but soon realized that baby Selma could smell her mother, so she was getting hungry. Christine became our backdrop and Selma fell asleep within moments, and I was able to finally get those sleepy baby photos.

In general, we didn’t attempt to  do anything over the top or too trendy, and I know some of that will come with more practice. It would also be much easier to do the entire session if we had more time to set up and more props.

We are so thankful that Tessa and Adam were happy to entrust us for this photo shoot, as we really enjoyed getting to know baby Selma.:)

To say this newborn session gave us each baby fever is an understatement.

April 26, 2013 - 2:55 pm

Jamie - Beautiful <3

It’s a Beautiful World!

Our website is almost up and running, so we’re writing a quick introductory post. Why did we choose the name Jolie Images?

Since beginning to see the world through the photographer’s lens, we’ve both agreed that we see things in a new light. On a daily basis we now recognize the beauty in nature, or the sweet softness in our childrens’ faces — details we’d noticed in black and white before but now see vividly. When we chose our operating name, we wanted it to reflect that feeling we were both sharing. With a little bit of French language background and some brainstorming, we came up with the name Jolie Images. Jolie is French for “pretty”, and we do like pretty things. When we’re not taking photos you could find either one of us surrounded by crafts that include glitter! Believe me, we tried to think of a credible name that revolved around the word “sparkle” but it just didn’t pan out.

So there you have it: Jolie Images = Pretty Images. We hope you find that quality evolving in our work!