We are Christine and Erin, two amateur photographers providing portraits to clients in the Fargo-Moorhead area. We're constantly growing and learning. Please look through our website to see a sampling of our portraits, more information about us as well as information on our packages available.

Autumn Splendor

Well, I’m paying for this site, so I may as well use it, right? I mean, we (well, Erin) posted 1 blog post and we (both of us) have failed to utilize this page for what it is for. Photography and blogging isn’t how we make our livings, so I guess in a way we’ve put it on the back burner while we are challenged to keep up with day to day activities of our lives. I, Christine, actually had quite a few shoots this fall. And for 8 weeks straight I felt like I was shooting and editing non stop on top of my regular activities of working a full time job and caring for a family. This shoot started it all. Kelly and I had been trying to get a shoot scheduled all summer long, but the weather and schedules pushed us back all the way until fall. I’m glad it worked out that way. I absolutely love all the beautiful colors in these images.










And my favorite…can this face be any cuter?


It’s a Beautiful World!

Our website is almost up and running, so we’re writing a quick introductory post. Why did we choose the name Jolie Images?

Since beginning to see the world through the photographer’s lens, we’ve both agreed that we see things in a new light. On a daily basis we now recognize the beauty in nature, or the sweet softness in our childrens’ faces — details we’d noticed in black and white before but now see vividly. When we chose our operating name, we wanted it to reflect that feeling we were both sharing. With a little bit of French language background and some brainstorming, we came up with the name Jolie Images. Jolie is French for “pretty”, and we do like pretty things. When we’re not taking photos you could find either one of us surrounded by crafts that include glitter! Believe me, we tried to think of a credible name that revolved around the word “sparkle” but it just didn’t pan out.

So there you have it: Jolie Images = Pretty Images. We hope you find that quality evolving in our work!